Benjamin Paulsen - El Dorado Hills CSD
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Why Benjamin Paulsen for EDH CSD

Experience with an Excellent Track Record Counts!!

"BP for El Dorado Hills CSD"

As the current El Dorado Hills CSD Board President, partnered with a great board, GM and Staff, we have made amazing accomplishments over the last four years! We have more than doubled our land ownership, which means more open space preserved for our community. We've created a community collaboration committee to enhance the partnerships and communication within our community. We have fine-tuned our operations creating an efficient, community driven machine, and much more for our constituents and the betterment of our amazing community! 

Senior Center

Senior Center Dinner
El Dorado Hills' Senior Center is packed full of great energy and wonderful people. As part of the CSD and EDH Promise Foundation we're actively looking for ways to improve and upgrade our senior services and activities.

csda award

CSDA 2019 Exceptional Outreach & Advocacy Award!
California Special District Association annual conference, awarded El Dorado Hills Community Services District with the top award of Exceptional Outreach & Advocacy Award. This is statewide, dealing with all distinctions of special districts; truly an honor, testament and great award for the CSD.

A Few Accomplishments 

  • Board President (2019, 2020)
  • Parks & Planning Committee Chair (2019, 2020)
  • Community Collaboration Ad Hoc (2019, 2020)
  • Land Acquisition Ad Hoc (2019, 2020)
  • Bass Lake Acquisition
  • EID Property at Bass Lake Acquisition
  • County Property at Bass Lake Acquisition
  • Serrano J lot H Land Deal Finalized
  • Negotiating Old Executive Golf Course (Central)
  • Cityhood Ad Hoc Committee Chair
  • Setup Cityhood Stakeholder Group
  • Worked with community interest groups
  • Coordinated initial feasibility study
  • Admin & Finance Committee (2018)
  • Franchise Committee (2019-2020)
  • More than doubled the acreage owned by CSD
  • New Main Park
  • New Skate Park
  • Environmental Sustainability Path
  • CSD Solar System
  • CSD Car Chargers
  • CSD LED Updates
  • Automation Programs
  • Cultivated Fiscal Responsibility within the District
  • Corrected Public Pension Liability
  • 2019 CSDA Award for Exceptional Outreach and Advocacy
  • SDLF District Transparency Certificate of Excellence
  • SDLF Certificate in Special District Governance
  • 100% Meeting Attendance Throughout Term
  • EDH Voted Friendliest City in America Link  

The proof is in the deliverables during my leadership at the CSD.

Qualifications & Experience

Wide-Ranging & Beneficial to the Community

EDH CSD: Board President - 2019/2020

Elected to the Board in 2017 (Nov 2016) and moved to the VP role in 2018, and then on to President for 2019 and 2020. 

EDH Promise Foundation: Board of Trustees

Active Board of Trustees Member since 2016. The EDH Promise Foundation was derived as a non-profit to assist the CSD and community in creating opportunities not available through a government agency. We help fund kids who may not be able to play program sports, work with trails and connectivity, senior center, dog park, fund raisers and much more. 100% of our time is donated and 100% of all monies collected go to the Foundation's purpose.

Community Collaboration Ad Hoc Committee Chair

With the many over-lapping partners within our Community, we felt it necessary to take the lead role in collaborating the parties together. We've met, and continue to meet with Fire, Sheriff, Rescue School Dist, Buckeye School Dist, El Dorado High School Dist, County, Senior Center, Little League, Soccer, EID, Rolling Hills CSD and more! I plan to keep this momentum going and encourage working together and maximizing resources.

Parks & Planning Committee Chair

We work with any and all projects within the CSD. Develop new parks within the District, work collectively with developers and the county on parkland dedications, outreach and feedback programs with residents, forecast future projects and more.

Land Acquisition Ad Hoc Committee Chair

We created this committee to actively pursue land and secure space for future parks and recreation. Working directly with land owners and appraisers we've successfully negotiated acquisition of over 200 acres and counting. 

Community Franchise Standing Committee Chair

Many are not aware that the CSD works directly with your local franchise providers; disposal and telecom. We put customer service matrix' in place, review annually and meet regularly to ensure service levels are where they should be.

Local Business Owner

Visionary Founder & Owner of Walibu, Inc. a Marketing, Technology & Design business in El Dorado Hills since 2007.

Licensed Contractor

Aside from the obvious benefits of construction knowledge within our Community and the surrounding topics, I've built a custom home in El Dorado Hills and have a personal experience in working within the construction arena.

Real Estate Industry Experience

I developed mortgage pipeline software that eventually lead to getting my license and opening my own net branch in Folsom. There are many beneficial aspects of the real estate and lending industry that will assist with the community and topics that surround us.

Education & Training

· Stanford University Continuing Education, Computer & Marketing Courses (2000 - 2019)
· University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) BA Communication (1999)
· Special Districts Leadership Academy Advanced Course Work (2019)
· California Special District Association Conference (2019)
· California Special District Association Conference (2018)
· California Parks & Recreation Society Conference (2018)
· California Special District Association Conference (2017)
· Special Districts Leadership Academy (2017)
· Computer Programmer, Artist & Adventurist