Important Topics - Benjamin Paulsen

Public Outreach and Engagement

Like never before, engaging our community and not just listening but acting to support our growing needs is more important than ever. As President, I have presided over the Community Collaboration Committee and worked with our staff to make outreach an important element of the CSD’s culture.  We will continue recent successes and will routinely use communication avenues through social media, print media, active outreach via phone/email/in person, and simple “open door” policies to have our community provide ideas, concerns, and even complaints that we can act on to address.   

Safety and Health for our Community

From our quality employees to the families in EDH, health and safety is a high concern and takes both focus and resources. Before and during the COVID pandemic, the CSD leadership team has taken these issues seriously and provided the resources and guidance needed to protect our community.  Ongoing programs and new initiatives I am supporting for sanitization, cleaning, safe working environments, flexible facility operations, and others will continue to promote the best health and welfare for all in the months and years to come.

Master Planning and the Quality Future of EDH

Providing high quality experiences, trails, parks, recreational amenities and facilities that meet and exceed the basic needs of our community is job #1.  Land and resources continue to be developed in our community, and I understand it takes vision and planning TODAY to ensure our future residents have the facilities to enjoy for decades to come. Whether it’s more ballfields, enhanced trails, tennis courts, a swim complex, or simply open space – our leadership team’s efforts on our master plan and Parks and Planning Committee are making decisions for the best future we can have.  I will continue to provide the leadership and vision needed to listen and make the right investments in land, identify funding streams, and create viable designs and construction plans.

Stakeholder Collaboration

As a small business owner, I understand the value of collaboration and effective communication. Whether with my staff, clients, vendors, or other businesses – we all better succeed when we understand each other’s priorities and needs. As the EDH community continues to grow and change with new residential developments and businesses – I will continue to promote a “new” culture of positive engagement by the CSD and seek opportunities to work with the business community, El Dorado County, and developers.  My primary goal is to find common ground and promote the goals and needs of EDH as a whole.  The CSD is truly the Heart of the Community, so working with these stakeholders early and often as partners will better ensure we can maximize the value of resources to our current and future residents.  I will work hard to ensure park land dedications, impact fees, specific areas of growth, and amenities are of the best quality but also meet the needs of our stakeholder partners.

Seniors – One of Our Greatest Priorities

The fact is, demographically El Dorado Hills is one of the oldest populations in the State.  With many great long term residents new and proposed age-restricted housing coming to our community, I am supporting an important evolution of the CSD’s services to meet a growing demand for senior recreation and engagement.  In the next four years and once COVID is past, I will continue to promote the scoping and development of a new senior center for EDH, enhanced programming, and unique opportunities for our Seniors to engage and enjoy so many local and regional amenities.