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Community Topics & Issues

This will be an evolving page, so be sure to check back often or contact me with any items not listed and we'll do our best to address.

Executive Golf Course -  No Rezone

This property is zoned open space recreation, measure E showed overwhelming support for keeping it this way. Serrano’s master plan had 2 golf courses noted, but at the time, the executive course was still active. As the CSD, we have no land use or permit powers, so we’ve only been able to represent the community from the side lines. We have made many attempts to compromise the project, mainly asking for more parkland but Parker has not budged on providing more parkland than basically what’s required per the state. They’ve tried to label this an in-fill project, but that is only applicable to 5 acres or less, they’ve stated incorrect impacts and it seems they are looking to their benefit, trying to misrepresent the project and not considering what they outlined at the start of this project. The community has spoken, the course needs to stay open space recreation.

Alternate Energy

We've met with SMUD directors and legal counsel, setup an alternate energy ad hoc and have worked with community residents and partners to try and strategize a way to incorporate a more reliable and safe energy solution. In 2006 Yolo county attempted to annex SMUD into their county. This attempt came with strong opposition from PG&E, putting up funds in the range of 12 million dollars to fight it. SMUD being a municipality wasn't able to use their user-owned utility monies towards campaigning which led to an unfavorable ending. A lot has changed since then and we are hoping this may have paved an easier road for a solution to a better energy source for El Dorado Hills.

Village Green Park & Serrano HOA

A 20 year agreement was put into place that the Serrano HOA would maintain the Village Green Park with a contribution of funds from the CSD but additional expenditures also required from Serrano HOA; this agreement sunset in September 2019. With Serrano taking a loss financially and the standards not up to par, to the disagreement of Serrano HOA, we denied the extension of the agreement, made many updates and have had positive feedback since. Although I did not see any savings in the rising HOA dues, perhaps it may impact future dues from rising or rising as much.

Dead Zone

We all know the dreaded "Dead Zone" at Serrano and Silva Valley, it's a nightmare. We've been aggressively pursuing a tower that is aesthetically pleasing yet alleviates the dead zone and issues. We recently met with Verizon techs to discuss alternate locations as their first choice, the library roof was turned down. We are hopeful for a solution soon.

Safety & Law Enforcement

I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement, will support them to the fullest and appreciate all that they do. As a major backbone to our community and county, I put a lot of the credit towards safe feeling I have in our community. 

Standing up to the Vocal Minority

Making sound and just decisions, that represent the majority is ultimately what you are electing. I add this topic as I believe this to be one of the main roles of any elected official, and in recent events I've seen way too much of the opposite. This can not only be detrimental to the case at hand, but can spiral out of control down a rabbit hole of almost chaotic outcomes and misguided priorities. As any elected official, it's my goal to make the right decision, not the easy decision. I hope to have your support and vote, but regardless of who you vote for, for any office, make sure they have your best interest and will stand up for it.